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Two New Brands!

We are excited to announce that we are officially an Innova Disc Golf and ION Dealer!


If you've ever played Disc Golf, you've probably heard of Innova. They were founded in 1983, making them one of the first companies to ever produce equipment for disc golf.

Today INNOVA is the most popular and complete line of golf discs. INNOVA’s precision molded discs meet the demands of any shot regardless of the player’s skill level. INNOVA golf discs offer the superior "feel" that is so critical for confident, shot making ability.

Come stop by the shop to pick up some new discs and then head on out to Hyzer Pines Course—hardly a mile away!


A relatively new player in the MTB apparel world, ION, prides itself on making gear that's "made from durable and innovative materials, opted by approved suppliers to save our playgrounds."

Some of the guys in the shop have been testing out various products, and so far they are pretty stoked! Functional durable goods that look good—the shop consensus so far.

ION makes bikewear (jerseys, jackets, shorts, and pants), body armor (knee pads and elbow pads), footwear (snazzy shoes for clipless or flat pedals), gloves, and backpacks. See the images below to sample their product and/or come on in to the shop to try some on!


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