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McKenzie Pass Update #1

From ODOT,

Maintenance crews for the eastern half of OR 242, Old McKenzie Highway, plan to begin snow blowing the week of April 12th as the start of preparation work for the road opening to all users in mid-June. Maintenance crews for the western portion plan to start preparation work the first week of May. OR 242 Old McKenzie Highway is closed from mid-November to mid-June. The earliest opening for all travelers is the third Monday in June. That date may be later, depending on weather and road conditions. ODOT posts signs and closes gates when the road is closed. Maintenance activities in the spring are done in preparation for opening the third Monday in June. That date may be delayed, based on weather conditions. In some cases, ODOT may post additional signs (e.g., “authorized personnel only, “work crew ahead”) on or near the gates during certain maintenance activities.

Keep checking back for periodic updates.


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